Powershell WebAdministration Provider Inconsistencies

The WebAdministration module for Powershell comes standard in Windows 7 and Window 2008 R2.  It is available as a snapin for older versions of Windows at http://www.iis.net/download/powershell.  Both appear to work the same way so I’ll just refer to it as “the module.”

I’m just beginning to delve into it.  I think I’ve uncovered some functionality that I love.  But the module seems immature to me.  I may say more after I work with it more—or maybe I’ll have to correct myself.  But today’s topic is an inconsistency in the provider.


When you list the contents of a directory in which there are no web sites you get the normal output, including "Mode".  This is the same kind of output you’d get from using “Dir” on your C: drive.



If you convert one of the directories into an application, the output changes. Mode is gone, replaced by Type.


But there is no "Type" property.

Try to use it.  Notice that nothing is returned by the following statement.


Let’s see what properties actually exist.


Ah hah!  So, to list applications you need to look for "NodeType", not "Type."


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