Rare PowerGUI 2.2 debugger problem

After upgrading to PowerGUI 2.2, which I use for developing Powershell scripts, I encountered a problem with the new debugger. I got it fixed, and am delighted with this version of PowerGUI.

But then a couple months later I fired up a VM that I hadn’t used for a while. I tried to debug a script and–BAM!–there was the error again. Then I had to go searching for the solution again.

So here’s my reminder, which may also help those rare people who have this problem.

Breakpoints don’t work at all if debugging a script contained in a directory that has certain special characters in its name. This is related to the same Powershell issue I blogged about at:


The solution is to simply put the script into a different directory, one with no unusual characters in the directory name.

Read more here: http://poshoholic.com/2010/10/21/powergui-pro-and-powergui-2-2-are-now-available/

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